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Goin’ to Hawaii

Monday, April 26th, 2010

That’s right, we’re provisioning and prepping to cross the Pacific! Well, part of it anyway. We hope to depart from La Paz around April 27, and spend the night at nearby Caleta Lobos. Then, depending on the weather, we might anchor at Los Frailes or Muertos (on Baja’s East Cape) or just head on out to sea.

Are we scared? Are we excited? No, we’re in denial. We’re just focusing on our To-Do list, like we would if we were hauling the boat or planning a cocktail party. No big whoop. We’ll have time to get nostalgic for Mexico, second-guess ourselves, and generally freak out when we’re under way. (more…)

Saying Goodbye to Carlos

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

We picked up Sequoia in Tucson last Tuesday, Feb 24. It is great to have her back with us! We just don’t feel complete without our third crew member.

We bought a new set of batteries for the boat, and hit Trader Joe’s to stock up. Capn Iron Chef looked on with concern as the cart grew full. “Are you sure we have room for all this?” he asked. “Are you kidding?” I replied, “I did this three times over before we left San Francisco. How do you think we made it down the outer Baja coast?” His stomach growled. “Whatever makes you happy, honey, I support you,” he said.

The drive back to San Carlos was long and hot, as we blew a fuse in our AC. Luckily we made it intact, and the very next day we launched! All went without a hitch; the only casualty was a champagne flute (Todd calls them ‘shot glasses’.) (more…)

On the Road Again… On the Boat Again

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

After a three day road trip, Todd and I have arrived safely back in San Carlos, where we were relieved to find Sugata dirty but otherwise well!

We left Sacramento on Tuesday, Feb. 10, and headed down to Mojave, where we got to visit with the Peasleys of our buddy boat, Imagine. They’ve just returned from New Zealand and may be settling in San Rafael! We hope that works out, as we’d love to have them just across the bridge.

The second night we stayed at a fabulous inn in Tucson, the Big Blue House. After the eight hour drive, it was great to walk around the neighborhood, and we had a yummy meal at a Greek restaurant. The inn was so warm and welcoming, I had a hard time convincing Todd to leave! (more…)

Cruising Checklist

Monday, June 30th, 2008

For anyone gearing up for a cruise to Mexico, I’ve put together a list of things to cram onto your boat.

Special thanks to Milt and Eva on S/V Bellavia for giving us their list of must-have items. It was extremely helpful to us, and is the basis of the list I’ve posted here.

We’ve moved onto the boat!

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

This past weekend, we took an important step: we moved out of our house and onto the boat! We kept one very small bedroom of our apartment, into which we put all of our furniture and things that won’t be setting sail with us. We took 4 days (Friday – Monday) to pack up, thoroughly clean, and move. It was enough time that although busy, we never felt rushed or overwhelmed by the work. Click the image to see a bunch of pics from our move.

20070807 Move to Boat

Emotionally, it was hard to leave 68 Douglass, because it has been such a great place to live! It was almost exactly 3 years ago that we initially moved to Douglass, and those have been 3 fantastic years! We will miss our comfortable home, the neighborhood, and having great friends living right upstairs.

We also said (temporary) goodbyes to Komodio (our lizard, a bearded dragon), and Flame and Spot (our goldfish). Komodio will be living with Sequoia’s good friends the Herbertsons in Ukiah, while the fish will live with Kelly and Zai on 16th St in SF.

Although it is probably one of the easier challenges we’ll face, moving to the boat seemed like a big hurdle. Now that we’re here and getting settled, the trip seems so much more real, and immediate. We have two months to finish our preparations.

Renting Out Our San Francisco Home

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Our House - We’re the bottom flatThree years ago, we bought a building with our friends Jay, Jody, and Naresh, and created a TIC (tenancy in common). We had one tenant, Richard, who bought his unit and joined us in ownership.

We couldn’t afford to leave our place empty after painting it beautifully with the help of the services from My House Painter (with the mortgage and homeowner’s association fees to pay), so we wanted to find someone to take our place for 7 – 11 months. The problem is that in San Francisco, you can’t require a tenant to leave just because the term of the lease is up. So theoretically, if we had a 10 month lease with someone, at the end of that time, our renters could choose to stay in our house and we’d have no recourse! This is due to rent control.

We came up with a solution that had been suggested on a craigslist forum: keeping one bedroom of the place, and signing a ‘roommate agreement’ instead of a lease. When I ran a bunch of ideas past the counter man at the Rent Stabilization Board, this was the only one he said would be legitimate, because rent control does not apply to roommate situations.

Another benefit of keeping one room is it gives us a place to store our furniture and things that we won’t be taking with us.

Luckily, we’ve found Omar, a great guy with whom we are totally comfortable! He’s going to be a visiting professor at UC Hastings so the timing is perfect.