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Haulout and new standing rigging

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

We’ve just finished our haulout at Svendsens doing the following work:

1. Putting on 2 new coats of Petit Trinidad SR
2. Replacing the 10 year old standing rigging (including bobstay, whisker stays, and ham radio back stay insulators)
3. Replaced a corroded aluminum mast step (which was sitting on a stainless deck plate ughh)
4. Replacing some suspect blind rivets in the mast track
4. Pulling/refinishing/rebedding the bowsprit

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Stopping rust on stainless steel by repassivating it

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

WichinoxI’ve found that once you get a spot on stainless steel that starts to rust it’ll keep coming back, even after you clean and polish it. So on our stanchions I’ve just been repolishing with Brightboy every 4 months or so which was frustrating not to mention time consuming.

When I mentioned this to a friend he recommended re-passivating the stainless using Wichinox. I haven’t tried it long enough to know how well it’s working but in theory it should re-passivate the steel which will stop it from rusting for a good long while.