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Inexpensive bilge water monitor

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

I wanted an alarm in the bilge to alert me of incoming water while out sailing. I ended up buying the $19 battery powered Sonin 03300 Wireless Water Alarm available from Amazon and have been happy with it. The main unit takes two double A’s, has no moving mechanical parts, has a 6 ft cable between the unit and sensor, and it has a test switch. It has an optional remote alarm as well (that I haven’t needed to use) that can either be powered by batteries or the included AC adapter.

The sensor is just two metal contacts that when connected via a conductor such as water sounds the alarm and it can easily be tested by dripping a little water on it. I didn’t even bother installing the remote receiver since I can hear the main unit’s alarm well enough even with the engine running.

Ham or SSB backstay feedline standoffs

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

This article by the owners of Illywhacker on Ham radio afloat has a great (and very inexpensive) solution for backstay standoffs (or spacers). You’ll want to scroll down to the ANTENNA and GROUNDING SYSTEMS section. I was rewiring the feedline on our Ham radio and after a visit to Home Depot, $7, and 30 minutes I now have the same setup!