Saying Goodbye to Carlos

We picked up Sequoia in Tucson last Tuesday, Feb 24. It is great to have her back with us! We just don’t feel complete without our third crew member.

We bought a new set of batteries for the boat, and hit Trader Joe’s to stock up. Capn Iron Chef looked on with concern as the cart grew full. “Are you sure we have room for all this?” he asked. “Are you kidding?” I replied, “I did this three times over before we left San Francisco. How do you think we made it down the outer Baja coast?” His stomach growled. “Whatever makes you happy, honey, I support you,” he said.

The drive back to San Carlos was long and hot, as we blew a fuse in our AC. Luckily we made it intact, and the very next day we launched! All went without a hitch; the only casualty was a champagne flute (Todd calls them ‘shot glasses’.)

That night we went out to our favorite taco joint, J.J.’s Tacos. While waiting for our food, I heard a mewing. I looked over and saw a newborn kitten, eyes closed and helpless, lying in a little walkway. I hoped Koiya wouldn’t notice, but the kitten had quite a mew. Soon Koiya was looking him over. There was no sign of the mother, but we hoped she’d come back for him.

All the next day, Koiya kept asking when we’d go to J.J.’s so she could check on the kitten. I was sure the thing would be dead if it’s mother hadn’t come back for it. But amazingly, he was still alive and seemed strong.

Other cruisers have asked us, “Do you have any pets on board yet?” When we say no, they say, “Oh, you will. Everyone gets one eventually.” Behind their backs we’d say, “Those suckers! We’re not gonna fall for some hard luck Mexican puppy!”

Ok, Ok, I’m a sucker! I couldn’t bear to leave that little kitty to slowly starve, crying for his mother! Capn Push Over said “No! I don’t want a cat!” But I gave him a big sorry-eyed look, and he caved. Koiya was thrilled!

So we took in little Carlos Gabacho de la Taqueria, aka Squeaky Gonzales. We were happy when he ate the formula we made up, and once he started peeing and pooping, we thought he was gonna make it.

Sadly, last night Carlos took a turn for the worse. He got weak and seemed to have fluid in his lungs. We kept him comforable and this morning, he died in Koiya’s hands. Poor little guy! We all sat around the table, holding him and sobbing.

So tomorrow, we’re casting off from Marina San Carlos, hoping to head north. Along the way we’ll have a burial at sea for our newest crew member. Adios, sweet Carlos!

4 Responses to “Saying Goodbye to Carlos”

  1. MArcus says:

    🙁 good bye Carlos de la Taqueria

  2. Ari & Frank says:

    Oh no 🙁 I was not expecting the sad ending! *sniff*

    All the best for your trip and hopefully you’ll find another furry friend in the next port 😉
    Ari & Frank

  3. Sandy, Andy and Emma says:

    Dear Sequoia,

    What a wonderful thing you did for Carlos, he experienced love. Some people go through a whole llifetime and never get to feel what you gave him in just one day.

    You embody what the PATA organization stands for “Personas Ayudando a Todo los Animales” (people helping animals) and if you get to Manzanillo you will have to look them up, they are always looking for help in all sorts of ways. Check out their website @ /

    And tell your Mom and Todd we think you guys are the very best!!

    Love & Hugs,
    Andy, Sandy and Emma

  4. Susan says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! Carlos’ burial at sea went well. We wrapped him in a flower-patterned cloth, weighed down with rocks, and decorated with bouganvillia flowers. Koiya also knitted a kind of shroud for him. We miss him!