We’ve Made It!

And we’re in Hilo too! Tied up in Radio Bay on Monday morning. A hot shower, sushi lunch, and living on a stable surface… does life get any better?!

Will try to post more details and photos soon, but right now our priority is eating. I think I’m down to just 10 pounds more than my weight as given on my driver’s license. Time to pack some junk back into the trunk!

Total Miles: Over 2800
Sailing Time: Something like 22 days, 13 hours. A 5.1 knot moving average which is super fast for us!
Beer Remaining: I’m not sure, but it’s rapidly disappearing!

2 Responses to “We’ve Made It!”

  1. Sean says:

    Way to go you guys! Forget the sushi. Time for the double burger with fries to fatten you back up!

  2. mike says:

    Awesome! The weather has been bad in SF. I was thinking about you everyday.