Two weeks out (of our minds)

Unfortunately last Sunday we hit a new weather region: totally cloudy and 20-30 knots of wind. The worst part was the 10-12 foot confused seas (NW swell meets NE wind) which has made for a pretty uncomfortable ride that has persisted for the past week. Luckily the winds and seas have started abating but we’ve still yet to see more than 5 minutes of sunshine.

We’ve tried to remain upbeat but have been disappointed by the lack of good beer drinking conditions. One technique we use to stay positive is the “it could be worse” principle. For instance “it could be worse, you could be working”. However, things have deteriorated to the point that our current favorite is, “it could be worse, you could be in the Donner party”. People were always telling us that this is a “milk run” and “the easiest passage in the world”. In retrospect we wish we would have slapped those people instead of letting them inflate our hopes.

FantaSeas: Susan’s been wishing there were a pill she could take that would provide all nutrition and make it so she’s never hungry and never has to eat (she’s been borderline seasick the entire trip). Capn Landyacht has been fantasizing about buying a VW Bus and moving our mode of travel ashore.

The silver lining to all of the clouds is that we’ve been making good time and today we’re celebrating less than 1000 miles to go to Hilo. We also have reports from a boat a couple hundred miles ahead of us that there is indeed some sunshine out there. Capn Ham Radio is running the Hawaii Puddle Jumpers net so every night we get to talk to the other boats on the same route which helps us feel connected.

Miles to go: 999
Beers remaining: 75
Times Susan’s been awoken by saltwater squirting through the hatch as we take a big wave on deck: 2

5 Responses to “Two weeks out (of our minds)”

  1. Bumper says:

    Anyone else notice the shiptrack course veers north right at the same time the siptrack (beer count) stats start going south?

  2. Sharon Flynn says:

    Thinking about you every day! Based on your position (where is Sugata now) sounds like you may have finally left Kansas, Toto! A bit of sunshine should brighten your way. That ham radio is something else!


  3. MArcus says:

    The good news is that after this passage the anchorages in Hawaii will not seem very rolly because you are so used to motion.

  4. Kirk says:

    Hello Todd, Susan and Sequoia,

    Greetings from Bay Wolf. All is well here on San Francisco Bay. We enjoy reading about your adventures and are wishing you calmer seas.

    Cheers, Kirk, Sachi, Miya and Romi

  5. Bumper says:

    Yeah, based on the relatively straight line that Cap’n When’s Happy Hour? is cruising, perhaps the beer count is still too high… You’ll be hungry soon!

    Suisan Fish Market
    85 Lihiwai Street

    Down to Earth
    303 Maka’ala St
    Phone number: 808-935-5515
    All vegetarian health food store. Has a deli, hot foods and salad bar, juice bar, made-to-order sandwiches.

    Honu’s Nest
    270 Kamehameha Avenue
    Overlooking Hilo Bay, this tiny restaurant is a local favorite that specializes in Japanese cuisine

    Nori’s Saimin & Snacks
    688 Kinoole Street, #124
    This out-of-the-way, unmarked eatery requires some looking to find it, but it is well worth it.

    Hilo Famer’s Market
    corner of Mamo Street and Kamehameha Ave (at historic downtown Hilo, west of airport)