Off to Espiritu Santo and other islands

Susan, Sequoia, Eric, and I are leaving now to head out to the uninhabited islands north of La Paz to do some exploring. We’re planning to be back in La Paz in 10 days on December 15th at which point Sequoia will be flying back to San Francisco (on the 18th) to visit her dad for two and a half weeks. At that point we should have internet and some limited phone access and look forward to catching up with everyone when we’re back! After these great days in La Paz Capn and Co-Capn Our Pockets are Lighter are ready to spend some time where they don’t take Visa or Mastercard.

One Response to “Off to Espiritu Santo and other islands”

  1. Uncle Bumper says:

    Hey, I think I have been to Espiritu Santu myself. Enjoy! Watch the afternoon chop down there. The best pics are Koiya riding the bow and Capn America downing the alcoholic beverage of the moment. Takes me away for a brief respite.