Hola de La Paz

Another quick note to let everyone know we arrived in La Paz this morning. For the first time in weeks we have great internet access again so we have some catching up to do in posting the various legs of the trip.

In short from Asuncion we stopped in Bahia Santa Maria for 3-5 days (none of us are sure how long we were there) which is just outside of Magdalena Bay and totally isolated with no town nearby. We swam, we read, we hung out with other boats passing through, explored the lagoon by dinghy, had a bonfire on the beach, etc… From there we sailed non-stop south rounding the cape and bypassing Cabo San Lucas going north to Frailes. We left Frailes yesterday morning riding north on a rare southerly and then hung out outside of the channel to La Paz until sunrise so we could see our way in. Since Ensenada we’ve been doing a lot less motoring putting many enjoyable hours on our asymmetrical spinnaker. More to come over the next few days on those legs of the trip!

2 Responses to “Hola de La Paz”

  1. Uncle Bumper says:

    Hey, what gives!?! Did you take away the swabbie’s posting privileges? One too many Cap’n Happy Hour references? Drop her over the side somewhere in Ensenada? Can we get a ship’s log from Koiya? This sailing talk is losing me. I want to hear about dolphins! 😉 Viva Mexico! If you are still in La Paz, maybe look up Eduardo Palacios http://www.pronatura-noroeste.org/aves.php I was in grad school with him. Maybe he can smuggle you in to some protected areas somewhere.

  2. Olof neighbor says:

    just got back from freezing DC. I have a question for you:
    Did you explore the Canadian sustainable development community
    on Magdalena Bay? I got info about it: all solar, wind, PV, water reclamation, runoff catch basins, bike paths, etc.
    I wonder what it is like in reality?
    Ciao, Olof