Alive and well in Asuncion

I just wanted to write a quick post that we´re anchored in Asuncion and having a great time. The internet connectivity is too slow to really post any photos so we´ll do another post later about our trip down the coast so far. In short we´ve had good weather, light winds, and fair seas so it´s been a great trip but with quite a bit of motoring.

From here we´re moving on to Santa Maria and Bahia Magdalena so it´s possible we won´t have internet access for the next week to two weeks depending on how long we stay there. Hope everyone is well and look forward to reconnecting with folks once we have better connectivity!

9 Responses to “Alive and well in Asuncion”

  1. Naresh says:

    Hey, Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you all the best and great to hear you have having a most excellent time.

  2. Uncle Bumper says:

    Hey, before anyone else calls it…I got dibs on the interisland sailing from Hawaii to Kauai (or however far you go)! I will even fly out supplies, but what can I bring from CA that isn’t better in Hilo? I guess I don’t need to do all the way on the islands. Maybe Bachan would like to do Lahaina to Honolulu.

  3. Sharon Flynn says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from us and from Trish, Larry and Nathan who will arrive in the ‘kingdom of Rabbit Flat’ tomorrow, along with Todd and Eric’s grandparents.

    I am not sure I have ever seen Eric unable to eat, but I laughed out loud when I read that! Motion sickness for me used to be worse when the boat stopped. Hope it is improving for Eric!

    Uncle Bumpus has the right idea..sounds like fun! Hugs all around and wishes for good eat, favorable winds and continued adventures!


    Shay and Jef

  4. Dave Steer says:

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Sounds like you are having a great time on your journey. We all miss you guys a lot!

    -Dave, Melissa and Ella.

  5. Auntie Lee Lee says:

    Hello everyone!!!

    Great photos…….looks like you are all having a great time!! Really nice to be able to share in your adventures…….have enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures!!! What a wonderful experience for you all to be sharing together 🙂 Thanks for making it possible for all of us back home to stay connected!

    Sequoia – Auntie Lee Lee will be coming to SF for Christmas….and I’m looking very forward to seeing you!! I know we spoke a little when you were last in town about what you would like for Christmas…..can you also please confirm for Lee Lee if any specific Webkinz are on your list? Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sami were asking if there is anything special you would like… if you have a chance to send a note my way…..that would be great! Thanks sweetie! Can’t wait to see you! Sending love your way my dear 🙂

    Sending lots of hugs for everyone…….and again, really appreciate being able to plug in to your journeys via the website!! I also sent this note to e-mail… case this doesn’t come through.

    Love to all…..Leanne

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. eva a. milton says:

    Love to hear – aka read – about your trip since it’s the exact route that took Bellavia south as well. I wrote to Imagine re. taking the dinghy and travel past the 2 fishing camps and stopping on the white Island to your right as you travel to the mangroves up the river – lots of great sea shells and perfect sand dollars! Be ware of the breakers coming back to the mother ship – we almost turned turtle there … 4 sets of breakers to be tackled. Best entrance to the river was very close by the 1st fishing camp – close to shore. You may have to raise the outboard by a notch to allow you to pass over some of the shallows. The above deals with Bahia Santa Maria. If you have enough fellow cruisers hire a panga in Mag. Bay and let them take you the long trip to the little town San Carlos (not the one on the mainland);-) and do some great provisioning there. The panga fishermen were great in picking us up on time – no problms. leaving our dinghy’s and boats when we returned many hrs. later.
    Keep having fun!

  7. Paul & Marilyn Huss says:

    Dear Todd, Susan, and Sequoia,
    We send our love and best wishes as you continue your sail. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and will be interested how you celebrated it!
    Hope the weather stays as good as it has been.
    Dad & Marilyn

  8. marcus says:

    I am curious about your anchoring technique. Do you tie the anchor off to the base of the bobstay or do you just let the rode rub against the bobstay as the boat wanders back and forth?

  9. Todd Huss says:

    Hi Marcus, Rick showed me a great technique for dealing with anchoring and the bowsprit where you run a snubber through a block at the end of the bowsprit. It’s worked great for us. I was a little worried about side loading on the bobstay fitting which is why I opted for the end of the bowsprit instead.