Get Out of Sail Free

Because I’d suffered from seasickness on the passage to Hawaii, we hatched a plan: I would fly home with Sequoia, and our friend Captain Ron would fly in to help Todd bring the boat back. (And no, this is not the Captain Ron from the movie… but there are some eerie similarities!)

But then I got to thinking, and no good can ever come from that. With a third person on board, it wouldn’t matter so much if I were seasick; I wouldn’t need to do anything, because Ron and Todd could handle everything without me. Besides, it was kind of exciting to think of getting ready for another passage, especially one that would culminate in bringing Sugata back under the Golden Gate.

So I was left with the choice: easy flight back and a month lazing around on solid ground, or four weeks at sea with two under-washed, over-liquored men. Oh, how I agonized over the decision! Logically, it made no sense to subject myself to another passage. But emotionally, well, it was more complicated.

In the end I decided to take the short-run pain (the passage) for the long-run gain (the reward of… wait a minute… what was it? What is the upside? Why am I doing this again?!!).

I’m sure once we get out there, I will curse myself for not taking the plane. But cursing oneself is not nearly as rewarding as blaming someone else, and for the record, I will not blame Capn Hubby. Instead, the theme for this passage will be “Blame Dave”, in honor of our friend Dave Steer, whose (not so) wise counsel informed my decision to stay with the boat, and who has agreed to be the fall guy. And it will be pretty easy to Blame Dave, because we have an 8×10 photo of him on the boat that we can turn into the Blame Dave Shrine.

We’re really excited to spend some time with Captain Ron, and we just found out this will be his first trip to Hawaii! So we’re pushing our departure date out a few days so that he can enjoy Oahu for a bit before we cast off. Our current target departure is Saturday, July 3!

2 Responses to “Get Out of Sail Free”

  1. Sharon Flynn says:

    I understand the agony of decision but also can see how adventure and completing the trip would win out! Perhaps it won’t be quite the same returning, and of course you can just sleep like Sam! He is cute enough to want to take home! Enjoy your last couple days in Oahu and have a good trip back.

  2. Marcus says:

    poor Dave.