When I Say Mula, You Say Hey!

Just a quick update from an internet cafe in Mulege (pronounced mu-la-HEY). We’ve been enjoying ourselves in Bahia Concepcion: swimming, snorkeling, hiking and hot springs! Today we’re in town getting groceries, and planning to head south with the wind on Friday. The plan is to scoot down to La Paz to meet up with our friends on Theophilus. Will post pictures and more as soon as we can!

2 Responses to “When I Say Mula, You Say Hey!”

  1. Sharon says:

    Just saw your name mentioned in another blog from someone who met you guys in Mulege! I have been thinking about both of you since you both had a birthday in the meantime! Happy Birthdays! Hope you had a good time celebrating and continue to have some fabulous adventures. How about those dolphins, you lucky ducks!


  2. Sharon says:

    Whales, whales! Dolphins were before. Nevertheless what a wonderful experience!