To Bash Or Not To Bash

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been debating what to do with the boat this summer. Should we bash back to San Francisco, or leave her down in Mexico again? We’ve gone back and forth, leaning one way and another. Some days I’d be in favor of one option, while Toro was inclined to the other. But, I think we’ve finally settled on…(wait for it)…Mexico otra vez!

Money was a big factor in the decision. We worried that if we took her back to San Francisco it would mark the end of our cruising not to mention the slip fees, insurance, and property taxes might lead us to sell her. So while we’re still nervous about the heat and sun in San Carlos, we figure that if we leave her down here, we’ll be able to afford to keep her (inshallah!). And of course, we’ll be motivated to do more cruising!

So we’ll be heading out to the islands for one last leisurely trip, then come back to La Paz. We’ve got Koiya booked on a flight out of Cabo on June 3, and then Toro and I will head back in to the Sea.

3 Responses to “To Bash Or Not To Bash”

  1. MArcus says:

    Of course another option would be to find someone to partner with who wants access to sailing in exchange for half the slip fees and maintenance labor … ..of course you would have to find someone you trust with the boat….

  2. Susan says:

    Marcus, is that an offer?!

    You know, I’ve actually raised the idea of a boat share with Todd. I think the only hitch in the plan is that there are about 4 people that Todd would trust… and one of those is Rick Boyce, who already has a boat.

  3. MArcus says:

    Yea I’ll email youse guys.
    I miss sailing.