Time for Us to Leave Her

After a couple of days at anchor in San Carlos, our boat was hauled out on May 22. It was exciting to be doing something so different; it was a bit nerve-wracking to see our boat bouncing along a Mexican roadway; and it was sad to think of leaving her!

There was a lot of work to do to get the boat ready to survive the sun, heat and rain of summer. We had to take all of the sails and lines off, as well as the solar panels; change the engine oil and filters; flush everything we could with fresh water; put aluminum foil over every port and hatch (sun protection) and plug all through-hulls (bug protection); pack up our clothes and everything heat-sensitive to take home; clean out the fridge and all the food stores; and more!

We had planned to work first thing in the morning and later in the evening, to avoid the hottest part of the day. Lucky for us, San Carlos was having unseasonably cool weather, so we could work all day if we wanted to. We still took off most afternoons to go to the beach with the crew of Theophilus, who were hauled out about 15 miles away in Guaymas.

Everyone asks us if it was strange to be back on land. Really, the transition went very smoothly! It probably helped that we were still living on the boat, and that the way she was resting on the supports, there was a slight list to one side. The bummer was that we couldn’t use our head (toilet); we had to go with the less ergonomic OSH 5 gallon bucket!

The night before we left, Josh had a birthday party. We had pizza and cake and ice cream on the beach. Then we got our party favors: Snickers bars for Toro and Koiya, a mango for me, and socks for everyone!

We donned our new socks at the bowling alley. Our party had 6 adults and 3 kids, so one adult had to bowl in the kids’ lane. The obvious choice was Toro, who I can honestly say is the worst bowler I’ve ever seen. He was a bit put off about being stuck with the kids, until he realized that their lane had bumpers on either side, so it was impossible for him to throw a gutter ball! Still, even with the bumpers, his final score was 77. Koiya beat him with an 80.

After a final flurry of preparation, we loaded all our stuff into Sassona’s van. We felt lucky to have such nice wheels (with air conditioning!) for our road trip home. We had to stop in to Marina Seca’s office to ask for directions. Cross this one off the list of things I thought I’d never say: “Um, how do we get to Arizona?” Jesus (the manager) gave us great directions and even drew a map in the dust on the rear window of the van.

By concentrating on the road trip ahead, I managed to stifle my tears as we drove away. Be well, Sugata! We’ll see you again soon!

See all of our haul-out photos here:


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2 Responses to “Time for Us to Leave Her”

  1. eva a. milton says:

    Oh boy, looking at these pictures brings back memories!!!!! I think you were parked at the same location we were – with Tetakawis in our backyard …. how many hot longs miles we walked in and about town … 🙂
    nice fare well tunes at the end!


  2. Frank Tillen says:

    Not a comment but a question. I would like to send you
    a thank you gift. What is your address in San Francisco?
    You probably don’t remember me but I’m a friend of Larry
    and Trish.