Thank You, Marcus Anderson!

Marcus Anderson is a former owner of our boat, from back when she went by the name Restless. When we were busy getting ready to leave, it was a running joke of mine to blame Marcus for everything that went wrong. If I came across a stripped screw, I’d clench my fist, wave it in the air, and yell “Curse you, Marcus!” And anytime something fell into the bay (like my iPod), I’d scream “That damn Marcus is so clumsy!”

But now that we are “out here”, I have a new appreciation for everything Marcus did to make our boat the awesome cruising craft that she is! Here is a partial list of things we have Marcus to thank for:

Glacier Bay refrigerator: With a cold plate that reaches 20 degrees F, we have the frostiest beer in the Pacific, and can even make jumbo-sized ice cubes! And the motor only needs to run for about 20 minutes, twice a day. Simply brilliant!

Solar panels: We were worried about how much energy we’d need to run the fridge, so we upgraded to bigger solar panels. But the key here is that Marcus installed the original pair, so Todd saw the whole project as a relatively easy upgrade. Marcus had blazed the trail, and all Todd had to do was follow it. This spared me weeks of pretending to listen as Todd first fretted about what a big project it was, then congratulated himself on how much he’d accomplished. Have a look at the vaillant boiler prices and check which one is feasible for you.

Dickinson diesel heater: We’ve only used it once, a few years back when moored off Angel Island. But when we have Canadians aboard, they never fail to notice our heater and the fancy tile work! Then Capn Hot Air puffs up his chest and says, “Yeah, I know how to keep the ladies warm!”

Cape Horn wind vane: Now it’s true, we have yet to get the Cape Horn working for us. But even if we never use it, I’m still thankful that Marcus installed it. He had to cut a hole through the hull of the boat to do so. Lordy! There is not enough bourbon in Kentucky to get Capn Shaky Hands into the frame of mind to do that!

The “tie rack”: Marcus lived on the boat while he worked someplace where men actually wore neckties everyday, so he installed a fancy teak tie rack in the pullman berth. Of course, we don’t need a tie rack, but I’ve found that it is the perfect place to hang Todd’s thongs… particularly the hand-wash-only ones like this purple macrame number!
Just being Marcus: Shhh! Don’t tell Todd this, but I’ve found that mentioning Marcus’ name is like a virtual shot of testosterone. For example, the other day Todd was complaining about how hard it was to get the anchor up.

Todd (whining): This windlass is so slow! It brings in, like, 3 inches of chain for every crank!

Susan (sweetly): Would it help if I took a turn?

Todd (grumbling): No… And I tried pulling it up by hand, but it is so (expletive deleted) heavy!

Susan (cunningly): Huh… I wonder how Marcus did it?

Todd (slowly): He pulled it in by hand.

Susan (cooing): Well, that Marcus Anderson, he is so strong!

Todd (testosterone rising): Me strong man! Me pull up anchor!

So this Thanksgiving, in addition to the usual toasts to health, family, and friends, the crew of Sugata have someone else to raise a glass to: good ole Marcus Anderson!

2 Responses to “Thank You, Marcus Anderson!”

  1. Marcus Anderson ex-Restless says:

    Wow! I feel almost famous or something.
    The first time I heard about the “Curse you, Marcus!” I was a little tetched. Now I feel proud to be a small part of the Sugata journey. Especially if it forces Todd to release some of that testosterone.
    BTW Susan, Vera also raised the anchor on Restless from time to time. But then she was also very strong.
    I will definitely be raising a glass to the crew of Sugata at Thanksgiving for your entertaining blog and a continued happy journey.

  2. Peter Morris says:

    It was very funny to run across this blog! I was sailing alongside Restless for a 3 or 4 months when they did their trip to Mexico on my boat Danzarin. We met up with them in Mexico, sailed out to Hawaii and then went our separate ways as we headed back to North America. I was always impressed with Marcus’s mechanical knowledge and a lot of the work he had done to Resless. Oh and he introduced me to Nigel Calder! I think you are very fortunate to have purchased a boat upgraded and maintained by Marcus!