Sailing from Hawaii to San Francisco video

I’ve taken the daily videos of our passage from Honolulu Hawaii to San Francisco in July 2010 and compiled it into a 14 minute clip. Susan wrote about our crossing from Hawaii to California here. Here’s the video:

Here are the photos:


6 Responses to “Sailing from Hawaii to San Francisco video”

  1. un clelarry inlouisville says:

    truly a trip of the ages. i never get tired of sitting in front of the fireplace, watching your adventure videos.

    Good Show !! cheers

  2. Jerry Minister says:

    Both instructional and entetrtaining. I’m always interested in the passages from west to east (Clipper Route). Looks like you guys were well prepared and provisioned. Did you have a list of provisions for this trip? At some point this would be good information to pass on or post to you website. Thanks for sharing!

    Fair Winds
    S/V Czechmate

  3. Marcus says:

    What happened to Eves? I was disappointed to hear he stopped being a reliable sailing companion. Glad to hear that Otto picked up the slack.

  4. Todd says:

    Hi Marcus! A weld on the internal rod cracked but Yves shipped us a replacement for no charge so I’m going to be installing the fix soon and we’ll be back in business.

  5. Jim Howard says:

    Great pictures. We just made the same trip from Honolulu (Kewalo Basin) to Morro Bay California. It took us 27 days also and only 2800 miles more rhumbline than you guys.

    There were four men on board Go For Broke and it took us 5 tries from Hawaii before we finally made it all the way. Various boat systems failed on previous trips but not all at the same time.

    Go For Broke is a steel and aluminum cutter at 60 feet in length. It was built by the Mad Russian in Hawaii at Sand Island in the mid 80’s.

    We really enjoyed our trip also and would do it again in a Ney York minute.

    Thanks for posting your pictures I will try to post ours soon.

    Jim Howard
    Sahuarita, Arizona

  6. Peter Ruyter says:

    Hi guys! Well done! Its nice to see your wideos. In september, in Sweden, your sailing heats up!
    Thanks again!
    s/v Jouir VitaminHC43Christina, Vasteras, Sweden.