Nail Biting

Yesterday we got a comment from Marcus, ex-Restless, former owner of Sugata. “Have you heard how she fared in the tropical storm?” About the same time we got an email from Lisa of Beyond Reason. “Have you guys heard anything?!”

Turns out, while the winds were not substantial, an unprecedented amount of rain fell on San Carlos, resulting in massive flooding and washed-out roads. And Marina Seca, where Sugata is on the hard (or maybe, on the soggy) is basically ground zero!!!

We are desperately trying to get more information about Sugata, as we’re worried sick! Surprisingly to me, Capn Frets A Lot is taking it pretty well. “You don’t seem nervous,” I observed. “Oh I’m nervous!” he replied. “I have a lot of experience with fretting.”

Here’s a video clip of the flooding in San Carlos. Basically, the place where the driver worries he’s going to stall, and the place where he follows his friend out, is the road “downstream” of the “dry” storage yard. In other words, all that water went through the yard.

One Response to “Nail Biting”

  1. Susan says:

    Good news- so far!

    Sounds like there were only a few boats damaged in Marina Seca, and most of those were smaller boats on trailers.

    We’re hoping to get a confirmation photo from Adam of S/V Estrella, who has been to the yard and has provided some comforting words.