D’oh, Bobos!

Baja is great because there are few mosquitos or no-see-ums, so you don’t have to worry about biting insects. But there are bobos: little non-biting gnats. So no big deal, right?

You would think. But these tiny bugs have a giant-sized capacity to annoy! They land on you, and you feel a little tickle on your skin. You shoo them away and within a second, they land right back on the exact same spot. If you grit your teeth and ignore that, they will then start landing in your hair and buzzing. Then they will crawl behind your sunglasses. They will not rest until you run below for cover, wailing like a banshee and slapping yourself randomly all over your body.

But with her “make lemons into lemonade” attitude, Sequoia got the bright idea to capture a bobo and make it her pet. She used cardboard, tape and plastic to build a Bobo Hotel, complete with a cotton pad bed and decorations. I noticed there was a little sign inside that said “Bob’s Palace”.

“Bob?” I asked. “After your annoying Uncle Bob?”
“No!” she said, exasperated. “Bob is short for bobo.”

But after the first bobo she caught escaped within seconds, she decided it was because he didn’t like the name Bob. So the next one she caught she named Steve. Then I was convinced she was naming them after her annoying uncles!

Steve was with us for an hour or so, escaping somewhere near La Paz. But I have no doubt we’ll see some of his relatives the next time we’re out.

One Response to “D’oh, Bobos!”

  1. bob says:

    hey, hey, hey! just wait ’til the sopos show!
    and happy belated birthday!