Does living on a boat make you dumber?

The other day, I couldn’t find a solar lantern that I need to buy a new bulb for. I waited around for Todd to call me and tell me where it was. An hour later he called and told me where to find it. Then I took off shopping and left the bulb here!

Then last Friday, we went to West Marine to pick up the solar charger Todd had ordered. We spent over an hour shopping in the store, getting last-minute things for our trip. We headed back to the boat, and had been on the freeway more than ten minutes before Todd realized we forgot to pick up the solar charger! Here are a couple of smart guys!

Also, I can usually make it through most of the NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle, but lately I’ve noticed I give up and need to peek at the solution.

The other morning, I heard Todd chuckling to himself. “Did you see this thing Ross sent out?” he asked. “You mean the one I forwarded to you?” I replied. For a moment he tried to cover up, saying, “Well I knew you sent it to me but I didn’t know if you read it and… Okay, I didn’t know it came from you.” This man is a Vice President of Technology, but apparently determining whom an email is from is beyond him!

Todd thinks it is just that we have so much on our minds right now, but my theory is that living on a boat makes you dumber. And even if you can provide evidence to the contrary, I won’t believe it, because I won’t understand it.

One Response to “Does living on a boat make you dumber?”

  1. Susan says:

    Most recently, in the “Dumb” category: I have carefully stashed away our cash in several clever hiding places. So clever, in fact, that I completely forgot one of them! We spent over an hour looking for our “missing” money, until I finally remembered that I had hid it…