Back Out There!

Well, it took us a month, but we finally got all our projects done and left San Carlos on St. Patrick’s Day! We had a great overnight crossing. Despite the light winds, we managed to sail about 3/4s of the way, so we were happy with it.

As we got underway, we discussed our watch schedule and the course we’d take. “Does this course have us going north or south of that island?” I asked. “What island?” responded Capn GPS Navigation. “Um, the one right in between us and Santa Rosalia, that is probably impossible to see on a moonless night?” I replied. “An unlit island in the middle of the Sea? What are the odds?” said Toro, heading below to check the chart. (Note to selves: Check the friggin’ paper chart!)

We’re docked at the Singlar Marina, taking care of things like filling our water tanks and doing two huge loads of laundry. We’re also looking forward to giving the boat a good scrub-down, but that will have to wait til the morning we leave. Unfortunately, the cormorants like to spend the night roosting on our spreaders, and releasing an absolute shit storm on our decks! I used to laugh at boats that were covered with things like strings of old CDs and big yellow balloons to discourage the birds. I’d think to myself, “What kind of insane person would do that?” And yet, this morning as we washed all the splatter off our newly varnished brightwork, I began thinking “Maybe I should string up something that would scare the birds away…” Not bat-shit crazy, bird-shit crazy!

Santa Rosalia is just as charming as we remembered. We’ve enjoyed walking around the town and eating at our favorite restaurants.

This morning we went up to the Hotel Frances (French Hotel) and had breakfast in their old-fashioned dining room, then took our coffee out to the front porch overlooking the town and the water. What a great way to spend the morning!

We also looked around at what appears to be a museum-in-the-making at the old copper smelting plant. From the road up above, the plant looks totally abandoned and falling-apart; but from below, parts have been cleaned up and restored. The juxtaposition is fascinating.

With some wedding gift money (Thanks, Jay and Jody!), we’ve decided to go see the gray whales again! This time we’ll take about a 3 hour bus ride to Guerrero Negro, and from there catch a tour that goes to Scammon’s Lagoon/Ojo de Liebre.

See all our Santa Rosalia photos here:


One Response to “Back Out There!”

  1. Linda Murphy says:

    Hi Susan & Todd
    We love reading about your travels, Susan your a great writer.
    We’re so jealous I have a photo of a very small Fionn sitting in that same restaurant, and whale watching in Guerrero Negro we have some happy memories of doing that in between trying to find someone to marry us. Speaking of married congratulations from all of the Murphys in Waterford.
    Happy sailing
    Linda, Richie, Fionn, Oscar & Lily (the twins)