Sad and Scary Things

On Wednesday, my brother Bob and family flew home. We were sad to see them go! We sure enjoyed hanging out with them. Now we’re back in La Cruz, getting ready to make the overnight sail south to Tenacatita.

Just a couple of things I forgot to mention in my last post. For entertainment on passages, I bought Koiya a set of 5th Grade Brain Quest trivia cards. The other day I was quizzing her. The question: Who was the leader of the Nazi party during WWII? Her response: “Wait, wait, I know his name… it was… Arnold Schwarzenegger?”

And, the other day we all piled into the dinghy to go get lunch. Capn Two Stroke yanked a few times on the cord to start the outboard, then finally realized he had the little plastic key in his pocket. So I dutifully held the dinghy on the dock while he dug it out. Then next thing I know, WHAM! Todd’s fist slammed into my jaw! I cried out in pain. “Oh,” he said, “I guess we have to be more careful about that.” “We better be careful,” I told him, “or we might end up at the bottom of the Pacific!” At lunch I held an ice-cold beer on my injury and pouted. Now, if I need anything, I rub my jaw first and ask him if it looks bruised. He has definitely been more attentive!

Yesterday I asked Capn Clueless if he knew what Leap Year meant. He was like, “Oh, yeah, there will only be 27 days in February, because you leap over one.” I patiently explained to him about the rotation of the earth, the necessity of an extra day every four years, etc. “And,” I went on, “some say that during a Leap Year, women are supposed to ask men to marry them.”

“So,” he asked me, “Are you working on your approach?” I paused a moment. “To you?” I asked. “Yes, to me!” he sneered indignantly. “Who else would you be asking?!” He got all hissy, and that kind of ruined the mood. Oh well. Here are most of our Banderas Bay pics- some are still waiting to be uploaded:


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